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An Encounter

An Encounter (2006)

Adapted from James Joyce's short story "An Encounter" by Sean Braune.

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Winner of Excellence in Cinematography, Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival (2009)

"An Encounter" is a symbolically jam-packed Bildungsroman that traces the maturation of two young boys who skip class at their strict Catholic school to have a day of fun. They go off on an adventure of youthful excess: they buy candies, chocolate, and play make-belief games as they revel in the freedom of playing 'hooky.' Then, led by a surreal white dog they find themselves in a beautiful, isolated field where they meet a strange, mysterious and beguiling old man who irreparably changes their lives forever.

The full film is available to watch on Vimeo now, or below. Please contact us for usage rights and a downloadable copy.