Conferences & Publications


2017-11-07 “Performance Art: New Magic.” Rough Draft, vol 2, no 1,

(Non-refereed, solicited)


Conference presentations

2018-03-15 “Technology as tool: Creating a mindset of embracing technology within a theatrical frame work” Presented at Theatre and Performance Design Pedagogy: Best Practice Now And Strategies For The Future, University of the Arts London, March 15-16, 2018, London, UK


2017-10-20 "Shadow-selves: Projection as a medium of exploring reflections of self in Belinda McGuire’s Slaughterhouse/Requiem" Presented at RUBIX, Ryerson University, Toronto


2017-10-20 "Projecting on film: the surreal effect of rear projected backgrounds in the film Nuptials" Presented at RUBIX, Ryerson University, Toronto


Workshop presentations

Workshop on Animation and Digital Projections for Performance

Ryerson School of Performance

January 28, 2017


Professional Development

University Teaching and Development Program

Expected completion: Spring 2018


Instructional Skills Workshop

Completed October 2017


Teaching Conference Attendance

Ryerson Learning & Teaching Conference, Ryerson University, May 18, 2017