Current discovery about myself:

More than anything, I enjoy being faced with a problem, learning deeply about it, and then coming up with potential solutions. It doesn't matter what field it's in, nor if it's something I am familiar with or not. Actually, sometimes not having any previous knowledge means that I can come up with an untried approach. This process is very enjoyable to me, and I think that I am quite good at it. I have to find ways to incorporate this skill into my life. What are creative ways that I can help people, where the process and solution are mutually fulfilling?

What’s going on with me right now:

I’m living in beautiful Alameda, California, and working in San Francisco at WorldStage Lab. My work has caused me to travel around the USA quite a bit this last year, so I have enjoyed seeing parts of the country I may never have otherwise. Beyond that, Kristen and I have taken two cross-country trips; one by car and one my train. We have developed a real enjoyment in the process of long distance travel. Truly enjoying the journey rather than just the destination. Next up is traversing the Trans-Canada Highway.

While I haven’t been able to work on design or creative projects while here (due to visa restrictions), I have been slowly teaching myself coding, mostly in Processing and Swift. This has been fun, and I hope to continue to grow and learn in this work and further incorporate it into my creative endeavors in the future.

Goals for the next little while:

  • Keep reading more. Maybe even pick up a fiction book for the first time in years.
  • Find an enjoyable way to become more physically active, especially involving the outdoors.
  • Try to write more. I have ideas, but I’m always intimidated by the prospect of writing to a format for publication or even an audience.
  • Keep traveling, spend more time in Canada, my home, and try to maintain the style of mini vacations as permanent retirement throughout my life.

This is my Now page. Last updated December 16, 2015. Inspired by the great Derek Sivers.