On Guard

On Guard is an 8 minute video and sound installation, created in collaboration with Ethan Heard, Mary Laws, and Keri Klick. The dialogue is based off of interviews with security guards at the Yale University Art Gallery, and is performed by one of these guards, Imani Lane, with voice over by Sheria Irving.

It explores the internal monologue of the security guards as they spend the day in the gallery, in and amongst the art that they are watching over. Ever present, they are as much a part of the gallery as anything else, I created this piece to pay homage to them, and to allow their creative expression be seen and heard by the patrons of the gallery. 

It is presented as a life size projection, imitating the guard's actual position and scale in the gallery.

It was presented during the Gallery + Art Event in 2012, and is on the list for acquisitions at the Yale University Art Gallery.