"Q&A with Michael F. Bergmann" – Interview in Live Design magazine, January 2015, also available as app download

"Why I Went from the Visual Arts to Theater" – Article for The Brooklyn Rail, June 5, 2014

SummerWorks Prize for Production: Winner: He Left Quietly – SummerWorks Performance Festival, 2014, Toronto

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"A clever sight joke involves the city scape rising, with the help of one of Michael F. Bergmann’s projections, to simulate an elevator ride to a very similarly looking the fourth floor inspector’s office. Bergmann’s projections enhance the onstage goings-on, whether providing the words to an attempted audience sing-a-long or enhancing one of the cops’ scenarios for the so-called accidental death."

– Andrew Beck, Hartford Arts Examiner | Accidental Death of an Anarchist | 4/5 stars

"The Marvel Comics aesthetic is well-served not only by the colors [...] but especially by an arch above the stage upon which projections (Michael F. Bergmann) recreate at times the “background panels” of comics.  The projections also add a comic Comix touch to the moment when Achilles [...] thumps the ground with his fist, sparking some “clobberin’ time” animation."

– Donald Brown, New Haven Review | Iphigenia Among the Stars