The tribe of theatre

I saw David Logan's TED talk on tribal leadership today, and although there are some problems with his argument (mostly oversimplification), I found it an interesting way at looking at the groups that we form. Going by his system, I would call the tribe that is created in the theatre a stage 4: a group of people come together and work very closely towards a common goal, and most of the time without competition. At least in an ideal situation. Perhaps this is why I feel such a great fulfilment from working on a project, and it is one of the rare times that I actually like working with other people. I think the stage 4 theatre is found especially in smaller companies, where everyone has a commitment to each other, and more importantly, to the theatre as its own entity. 


So, going purely on the definitions in the video, how can we move the tribe of the theatre to stage 5? What would that look like? What would it do, and how would it work? I open up the floor.