News from the past week

It's been a bit since I've updated, and the past week had enough going on to talk about.


First off, I was unsuccessful with the Toronto Fringe lottery. It was my intention that the fringe would be the premiere of Leer after workshopping it at Ryerson. Leer by the way is a new work that I am developing, and is written by Sean Braune, who is not only the best of friends, but an excellent up and coming writer. As it stands, it will still be workshopped at Ryerson, with performances at some point in April, and possibly a full mounting at some point this summer. More details will come in time.


Second: Last week I was honoured to take part in an amazing fundraiser for The Good Neighbours' Club at the Arts & Letters Club. Do read about it on Susan McLennan's blog; it was her and Deborah Keegan of Babble On Communications that organized the event and got me involved. 


Lastly, tomorrow is Tapestry New Opera's 30th Anniversary Celebration. I love Tapestry and their work, and I try to get involved with them as much as I can. Tomorrow I'll just be volunteering as an ASM, but I'm very excited for the show. It is a gala, so tickets are $130 so I understand if you don't come out, but definitely check out their other work this season. Next up for them is their annual Opera To Go in March 2010, and after seeing the first versions of the work at September's Opera Briefs, it should be guaranteed to be a great show.


That's the word from here for this week.