Goodbye facebook

After spending far too much time removing everything, there remains no more content on my facebook page. I am keeping the actual page up because I do recognize how important it is to have a page there, purely for being a part of the social web. However, I am keeping my actual content to places that I can control, which is mainly this website. Yes, search engines scour this page like everything else and mine my data for their uses. I'm fine with that, because I'm choosing to share everything on this website with them. Knowingly and willingly. But I will not have my personal information that I chose to share, under the belief that it was secure and on a closed-network, opened up without my permission. Really, it's all about opting-in. Facebook, please learn from your adopted big brother Google, and follow their motto, at least in spirit: "Don't be evil."


I've had this beef with facebook for a long time now, and every time they have changed their Terms of Service, it has become worse. However, the final straw for me was the latest privacy change, explained in excellent detail by the good Mr. Calacanis on his blog here. I suggest giving it a read, and make your choices about what you are comfortable with sharing.


So with that, my facebook profile remains a clean and single page, with a friendly note advising the world to visit me here. And if you are reading this, then good on you! You are already in the right place to contact me or see what I'm up to. Keep up this good habit!