A year later and a new project: Tech

January marked the one year anniversary of BergARTS. I know you haven't heard from me in a while, but this year that is going to change, as a bunch of new things are happening.

First, you might notice the website looks different. A bit of a refresh, but by no means a final look. (Attention CSS magicians, care to lend a helping hand?)

Second, new shows! As you can see on the right pane, we have two shows coming up that we are involved in: Under Milk Wood and Mute. As we get closer to them, I'll be posting much more information.

Finally, what I consider the most important new development. In keeping with the original mandate of BergARTS, to combine the worlds of art and technology, I will be launching a new tech blog. A tech blog focusing specifically on technology made for artists, or used by artists. It will be fairly broad in that definition, and I'm sure the direction of it will change over time. I have some longer term ideas that I may want to develop it into, but we'll see how it goes.


So, finally, a question for you, my fellow artists:

What technology do you love? What do you use in your art (whatever form it may take)? Leave me some ideas in the comments, and let's start of list of these.


I'll try to talk about something, whether it is a product or service or even tip, at least once a week. 

All of this will be part of the main blog, but also reachable directly at BergARTS.com/tech


So, welcome to BergARTS: Tech. Help me start, post below, and share with others!



Michael BergmannComment