Another great review for Mute!

With only three shows left, we are presented with yet another excellent review from Ontario Arts Review. The full review is posted below, with a link to their site. If this doesn't convice you to come, I don't know what will! Catch one of the few last performances: Thursday at 4pm, Friday at 7:30pm or Sunday at noon. 

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"This is a ‘best of’ Fringe’ contender. Wren Handman’s ‘MUTE’ is an emotional portrayal of a young teenager who has been stricken dumb as a result of the traumatic witnessing of her parents’ deaths. Following the accident her brother eight years her senior becomes her legal guardian. He is protective & cares for her deeply, but the arrival of a new case worker threatens to change the status quo. Caitlin Morris-Cornfield is the young girl and her portrayal reeks of reality. Andrew Soutter’s Adam evoked all the big-brothers who adopted this only child as mentee during my formative years. The case worker with her unbending behavioral formulaic program is played by a convincing Rachelle Magil. This thespian trio brings such intensity to their individual characters that no audience member will fail to be personally touched by their powerful portrayals. There is one other character that never appears, but he’s the catalyst of the situation – the missing originally assigned case worker.  Director Michael Bergmann MUST be familiar with ‘special needs’ and ‘non-verbal’s’ to be so able to represent the frustrations such individuals’ experience. He utilizes freeze-frame imagery with voice broadcast to illustrate her powerful but unspoken thoughts. ‘MUTE’ is a MUST-SEE! DG"

- Danny Gaisin, Ontario Arts Review